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Final Registration Deadline is June 15th

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Four Tracks

For the absolute beginner to learn their first instrument or begin learning a secondary instrument

Track for Elementary Students (ages 8-13)

Track for Young Adults (ages 14-22)

For Intermediate (or Advanced) musicians that want to learn how to flow in worship on their instruments and dramatically increase musical skill

Track for Elementary & Young Adult Students

Private Lesson Intensive

Registration – (above)

Early registration and scholarship application Deadline: email/postmarked by May 22
$20 per student; $35 per family

Registration Deadline: postmarked by June 15
$35 per student; $50 per family
Registration is nonrefundable

Pricing & Accommodation

Students ages 14+

$345 – Tuition, Lunch & Dinner

$450 – Tuition, Lunch & Dinner, Quad occupancy*

$550 – Tuition, Lunch & Dinner, Double occupancy*
(Counselors provided for teens without parents)

Elementary Students (ages 8-13)

$195 – Tuition (Lunch options available)

$79 – $99 nightly accommodation for families
(803) 802-5544;0 – MorningStar Front Desk

Private Lesson Intensive (ages 14+)

$375 – Tuition, Lunch & Dinner

$480 – Tuition, Lunch & Dinner, Quad occupancy*

$580 – Tuition, Lunch & Dinner, Double occupancy*

Our desire is that no student be turned away due to finances. If you want to come, God will make a way. [Limited Scholarships available.]

*Does not include Friday night accommodation


[Charlotte, NC Area]

Comenius School for Creative Leadership
8160 Regent Park Drive, Fort Mill, SC 29715


Daily Masterclasses (see parent notes)

Note reading/rhythm class (Theory for intermediate/advanced students)

Worship team class (group) – team building skills along with improvisation

Personal practice and mid-day concerts (faculty and worship teams)

Fun electives and activities

Screenshot 2015-03-23 16.12.04

Camp Goals

Beginning Students will…

Be able to play at least one piece with excellent posture and beautiful tone

Learn all the notes on the staff and have understanding of the circle of fifths

Develop ability to read rhythms steadily and improvise using rhythm

Learn naturally through their five senses 

Intermediate Students will…

(Pre-req. 1 year of experience with lessons, able to play 5 scales and 5 worship songs in multiple keys) 

Develop ability to improvise and ability to flow in worship (personally and as a team).

Increase skill on a primary and secondary instrument (including voice)

Develop and refine note reading skills and understanding all 12 keys,

Memorize, (sing) and interact with one chapter of scriptures

Increase skill on a primary instrument and/or secondary instrument or voice

Sample Schedules

Sample schedule for older students:

9:00 Master class (semi private lesson)

10:05 Practice hour

11:15 Note-reading/theory class


12:55Midday Concert

1:30Worship team coaching/secondary instrument or voice coaching

2:35 Practice

3:45 Elective

4:45 Free Time

5:45 Dinner

6:30Group activity

Sample schedule for elementary students


10:05 Worship team/Group Improvisation

11:15 Practice hour

12:55Midday Concert

1:15Note reading


Electives Include: keyboard, guitar, violin, flute, cello, |art (painting), photography, dance, tennis
(elective availability subject to change)

Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Method

…is learning by ear until mastery of the instrument is achieved, then learning to note read. This method is excellent for students wanting to worship on their instrument, and to develop the ability to play what they hear (sounds of heaven).

Note to Parents

This camp is excellent for :

Beginning students or those wanting to learn a secondary instrument quickly. Because students are with a teacher in a daily Masterclass, a joint individual lesson with other students, the beginner never develops bad habits in the early stages, causing them to learn 3x as fast.

Those who want to learn keyboard or guitar for personal worship, and improve their voice.

Students who want the experience of improvising on a worship team.

Musicians wanting to improve their tone, and technique (5 hours daily of playing for five days)

Issues of the Heart

Technique is taught, heart is caught. We want to develop community, especially for the older students, so we can address issues of the heart. Therefore, meals together are important, as well as concerts, fun activities, & electives. The faculty were chosen not only for their ability to teach but because of excellence in character. Master teachers will be coming from Ohio, UNC Charlotte, Kansas City, Davison & New Orleans.

Parents Role:

The “Suzuki Triangle” includes teacher, parent, and student. Therefore the parent is expected to accompany the elementary student and young teen to their lessons daily as well as theory, in order to maximize the student’s instruction.

This is not a drop off camp for elementary students! 

Parent Involvement is proportional to levels of success!