Cry of the Innocent (2008)

These instrumental sketches were recored live over a 3 day period in Bradenton, FL. Each of us desired to do something new and fresh- to use our music as instruments of prayer. The result is eight spontaneous musical dialogues. One of these musical dialogues came from our 13-year-old son Samuel on his violin, and was later named “Cry of the Innocent.”

Prophetic Music and Scripture for an Upside Down Generation (2007)

Scripture spoken by children with violin, flute and guitar instrumentals. This CD combines instrumental worship music with selected scriptures spoken by our music school students. Its primary purpose is to help young people memorize scripture.

Musical Intercessions From the Night Watch (2005)

This live recording is a journey into His presence, discovering the musical intercessions of His heart. The track selections on this album (3-8) were recorded at the Night Watch at Christian Retreat (Bradenton, FL) on June 4, 2004. They represent a culmination of a four year period when a small group of believers met to enjoy the depths of His presence and pray the prayers of his heart through spontaneous worship and intercession.The ascending figure in the upper left (above Melody) was not seen until the photograph was processed. We believe this manifestation was revealed to show how angels are currently being released when we intercede on our instruments.