Suzuki Music Training

BUR teaches primarily children and youth how to combine music and scripture for enjoyable and sustainable prayer. The training of music is inter-weaved with memorization of scripture for (harp & bowl) team prayer applications. Children and their families are taught in the established Suzuki method (learning a system of classical music by ear, similar to learning language). Children are taught in weekly master classes and group classes. This method combined with harp and bowl team prayer, allows for easy integration of scripture and moral excellence with high quality musical training. The training has three components: 1) Parent training, 2) Scripture memorization and 3) Musical instruction and memorization—through group (master) lessons and group classes. As the group (music) classes mature, they offer outreach ministry performances for the community, such as homes, churches, nursing centers, hospitals and various public/private centers.

Students are taught in weekly master classes and group classes. The parent is the home teacher for the younger students. Each student has the following classes during group: Suzuki Repertoire, Theory/note-reading and Harp & Bowl (combining worship, scriptures and prayer). Students are also required to memorize selected passages of scripture and to practice daily. We start children as young as four, and encourage adults/parents to study as well. New families are required to take a parent training class. (See the video below for an overview to this approach)

School of Music Vision: To give students musical language & skill for worship, including ability to improvise and to activate their musical prayer language for worship in their homes and personal spheres of influence.

Suzuki Method

BUR Suzuki Overview from Brocks Upper Room on Vimeo.

Overview to Suzuki Method Applied to Team Worship & Improvisation